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Staging is the core of the production and its presence is the key starting point for the room. Stage placement and shape are critical components of the look and feel of the environment we are creating. We like traditional rectangle stages as much as anyone, however, there is a lot we can do to achieve a powerful look without adding huge costs. We strive to be flexible in our thinking and abilities, especially with our approach to stages.

Our inventory starts with a strong foundation using Wenger 4×4, 4×6, and 4×8 decks, and adding on the functional pieces around the outside to achieve the final shape. Our custom staging designs come in a variety of shapes and sizes including triangles, circles, half-moons, crescents, and stacked cake risers. In addition to shapes and sizes, we also provide numerous floor coverings such as carpet in black, gray, red, and many other colors, and dance floor coverings in white, gray, and black with glossy or matte finishes. Glossy black is always a hit.

Your logo can be made in carpet easily, and high resolution artwork can be printed in a large format graphic and placed seamlessly onto the stage surface. We have installed stages in arenas, ballrooms, baseball fields, and over fountains, spanning swimming pools, on rooftops, and on the beach.

Naturally, we provide conventional staging features such as stairs, ramps, and bridges. Stages can be skirted using pleated black fabric, and we also offer flat fabric and hard shell faces.