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Audio is one of the most important aspects of event production. When audio is done well, it becomes transparent. Whether you are delivering a speech or dancing the night away, quality sound production is vital to your guests’ experience. Our audio technicians have fine-tuned their ears over decades of producing corporate meetings and A-list musical artists. We will assess the venue for natural acoustics and place audio equipment according to your audience size, type of event, and other factors.

Our equipment includes line arrays from Martin Audio(WPM ) D&B (J rig) and dB Technologies (T12, T8, and M2M), mixing desks from Yamaha (CL5 and QL5) and Midas, and wireless racks from Shure (UR and ULX-D). A quality event production rests largely on sound. Our team at Event Production Services can ensure your event sound quality will resonate with your audience long after your production ends.