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We take great pride in our ability to design and arrange uncommon and distinguished Very Special Events. Bespoke well beyond the ordinary, these exclusive and individually distinctive events are meticulously singular in concept and form. Your delighted guests will never experience anything eccentric and atypical like this again in their lives.

We’ve created these incredible moments:

  • High sales performers having an exclusive meal with the president of the company.
  • Executive dine-around the town.
  • Cocktail hour in an airplane hangar.
  • Hosting an unrepeatable wining and dining event with our friend the winemaker at a well known Columbia Valley winery.
  • Celebrity chef private experience, either in your home or in their restaurant.
  • Unforgettable A-list musical performance in your living room.
  • Cirque-style aerialist performers.
  • Real fighter jocks team building program.
  • Private fireworks show.
  • Private party – real Hollywood movie premier.
  • Transforming a high school gymnasium into a black tie gala.
  • A white party with the Black Eyed Peas.

We celebrate the quirky and peculiar, the truly original and idiosyncratic. When your event absolutely must stand alone, we are the best equipped to think and operate outside the box. Commencement ceremonies, product showcases, and pop-ups are well within our area of expertise.

Client Testimonial:


I can't possibly thank you enough for the tremendous effort that you each put forth in making the Open Range Round-up a huge success. When the Disney folks tell us that had they known how well we could put on an event that they would have had the actual premier in Wisconsin instead of L.A., you know that you have made it. Having attended both events, I can tell you that we greatly outshone the Los Angeles folks. People are still talking about it, and I can tell you that it was truly a flawless event. Thank you. It was a lovely tribute to Herb and an outstanding example of your commitment and talent. I greatly appreciate it. Natalie.

Natalie Black (Mrs. Kohler) on the Advance Screening of Open Range starring Kevin Costner & Herb Kohler in Sheboygan, Wisconsin - August, 2003