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Regardless of what type of event production you have in mind, the professionals at Event Production Services have the experience, skill, and know how to bring your production to life. We work hard to collaborate and communicate with our clients throughout each phase of the event design and production process. This ensures that client expectations are being met and exceeded during the full duration of their project. Whether your production requires staging, lighting, world-class audio and video technology, or any of the other services we provide, we treat each job as our top priority.

What makes Event Production Services stand apart from others is we have had exceptionally diverse experiences over the decades of our careers, and bring all of that to the table. We specialize in nearly every facet of event production! We have always believed that being equipped for and experienced with a wide variety of event types is a critical component of being prepared for any specific request or challenge.

Clients ask for things at the last minute all the time – “Do you have bleachers?”, or “We need white leather lounge furniture.” “Do you have 4×8 foot mirrors?” “Can we host a beach party with a band in 2 hours?” The answer is YES to all of these things, and if someone asks for the odd something we don’t have on the shelf, we will help figure out the solution.

This pliability and expertise is a big part of how Event Production Services has become the most dependable and preferred event production firm in the Atlanta area, as well as the entire US.

Our skills and products include:

  • Event Creation and Conception
  • AutoCAD design with engineering stamps when necessary
  • Renderings
  • Scheduling
  • Management and talent booking
  • Travel & lodging arrangements
  • Video creation
  • Still cameras (think corporate headshots and event candids)
  • Video cameras both live and B roll
  • Video switching and live streaming
  • Video Projection, LED walls, wide-screen blending (329’ wide screen in-house)
  • TVs of all sizes, with pro black dual pole stands
  • Staging – conventional and custom shapes – round, half round, star, triangle, etc.
  • Carpet, gray, black, red in stock; also gloss black stage flooring and gray / black Marley flooring
  • Drapery and hard sets galore. Lots of custom scenic items.
  • Special Effects, including kabuki drops and sniffer rigs, haze and fog, pyro and fireworks
  • Martin Audio, D&B, and DB Tech line arrays and subs
  • Lots of speakers on tripods
  • Shure ULXD and UR wireless kits
  • Lighting includes moving lights, LED lekos, LED strips, pars, floods, and uplights, and 2k Arri fresnels
  • Rigging includes climbing truss towers, conventional black truss, circle truss,motors, and all sorts of hardware and oddities.
  • Traveler tracks, even to move LED walls.
  • Curved pipe sets. We can surround an audience with video screens or drapery, and another set is typically used vertically, either for decor or for LED stripes.
  • Lounge furniture, stage furniture, lots of swivel stools in different colors, coffee tables, ottomans

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to make any event production a reality. For more information or if you would like to discuss our services today, please reach out with an email or phone call.