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We work through every phase of the event from conception to completion to help craft our client’s dream with them. This includes pre-event planning, site visits, structural engineering, budgeting, project management, construction, fabrication, right up through the day of the event.

We take the time necessary to get to know every client we work with on a personal basis in order to fully understand exactly what kind of event they have in mind to produce. We also want to help you get to know us as people too. One thing you can count on, regardless of your business or the nature of your event, is world-class customer service.

We help our clients with a wide variety of corporate and personal events. This includes conferences, trade shows, concerts, presentations, galas, weddings, and commencements. We have lit up buildings and projected onto waterfalls. We’ve turned a House of Blues ™ venue into multiple event spaces, each with a unique scenic and entertainment theme, turned a gymnasium into a black-tie gala, and an empty warehouse into an amazing white party. We’ve worked with past and sitting Presidents and candidates,toured the world with A-list artists, lifted 155,000 pounds without rigging to the ceiling, done drapery kabuki / sniffer combo reveals for entire airplanes, and moved & pivoted huge, heavy LED walls across stages in the air. Dream big because you can get it here. We make the impossible absolutely possible.

We work within all sorts of budgets. Some things cost $500 and some things cost $500k. Let us know your ideas and budget and we guarantee a positive conversation can take place.