Rigging Services for Events

lighting-riggingWhether you are planning a concert, a business conference, a tradeshow, or any other event that requires audio and video installation, rigging is something that cannot be ignored. While it may not be the first thing that many people think of when plotting out their dream event, proper rigging is absolutely essential to ensuring the safety of your attendees and the best-possible audio and video experience for everyone in attendance. When it comes to rigging for your event, there is a lot to consider.

Our event production specialists know that rigging is a critical component of erecting the video LED walls and screens, audio systems, lighting equipment, and staging required to capture the attention and imagination of your event attendees. Proper rigging requires years of experience as well as intimate knowledge of different techniques and the ability to juggle many considerations. This includes the point loads, uniform loads, and dynamic loads that are most appropriate for our equipment and your venue.

Safety is our absolute top priority when planning and implementing the rigging structure during any event. The experts here at Event Production Services have the skill and experience required to design and implement rigging with correct weight limits to completely avoid any potential accidents or complications. This includes a thorough understanding of the weight limits of all the rigging equipment and its relationship to the loads and the venue.

Our Rigging Services include providing and installing the following necessary equipment items:

  • Trusses
  • Hoists
  • Flyware
  • Ground Support Truss Systems
  • Staging Support
  • Safety Equipment
  • And More!

Professionally planned and installed rigging is essential for any event. The experts here at Event Production Services are available for in-person consultations to help our clients fully understand the importance of proper rigging as well as the professional services we provide. For more information on our rigging services or if you would like to discuss a specific event that you are planning, please contact Event Production Services today.