LED Screen Services

A strong visual component can help turn any event into a truly unforgettable occasion. After all, so much of our memories are tied to the things we see. And there is arguably no better tool to help provide an incredible visual element to any event than a large-scale LED display. LED screens can turn any area of your event into the best seat in the house. Instead of comparing them to large televisions, think of our LED screens as living video walls that can help create truly memorable, lasting images to help make any message fully resonate with your audience.


Our LED screen options are fully customizable to the specifics of each event. This includes both indoor and outdoor venues. Regardless of the event type or venue, all of the LED screens we provide promise high-resolution displays and top-of-the-line visual clarity to any image or presentation. Screen size and shape is flexible and can be altered based on the needs and preferences of each of our clients. The process begins with a thorough consultation and planning period where our experts will discuss all of your needs, hopes, and expectations for your event. Once we have configured a specific production plan for your event, we will get to work. Our LED screen services include logistics, construction, technical support, audio/video equipment (including all necessary wiring), and more. Additionally, our event production professionals will be on hand to make sure all technical elements are properly coordinated, and everything runs without a hitch on your big day.

Our LED Screen Services can help bring the following events to life:

  • Conventions
  • Tradeshows
  • Auto shows
  • Concerts
  • Music festivals
  • Commencement Ceremonies
  • Sales meetings
  • Sporting Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Wedding
  • Galas
  • And many more!

A professional LED display can help any event truly pop. If you are planning an occasion that can use a little added visual punch, the experts here at Event Production Services are available for in-person consultations. For more information or if you would like to discuss our LED screen services, or any of the other production services that we provide, please contact Event Production Services today.