Event Production for COVID-19

Here at Event Production Services, we understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world and the way that people interact with it. Of course we all want to get back to doing the things we love, in our case, helping our clients produce world-class events. However, public health and safety are still vital concerns that cannot be taken lightly. That’s why we wanted to explain the steps we are taking to help put meetings together in the current Coronavirus environment.

Social distancing remains a crucial part of protecting one’s self and others from potentially contracting COVID-19. Which is why our plan focuses on using several locations instead of one larger congregation. Each meeting location will be limited to between 10 – 20 people depending on the available space of each location. We will utilize large video displays with PiP (Picture-in-Picture) capability to ensure the best possible audio and video quality as well as interaction between the different meeting areas. Our goal is to create an environment where materials can be shared using tools like PowerPoint and videos, only with proper social distancing so that everyone who attends is comfortable and safe.

We are currently working with a medical meeting company with stringent safety protocols put in place to assist us by establishing COVID-safe accommodations for our clients during their meetings. This includes booking meeting spaces, travel and hotel accommodations, meals, and anything else beyond the professional event production services that we specialize in.

In our post COVID-19 world, we fully understand the importance of providing a safe, socially distant platform that can help our clients resume their normal activities. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone here at Event Production Services to have the opportunity to help all of our clients get things back on track in the wake of this pandemic. We pride ourselves on being able to safely support people in the midst of this health crisis in any way we can so that everyone can safely get back to business and the things they enjoy doing. For more information on our COVID-19 policies, please contact Event Production Services today.