Digital Cinema Services

Event Production Servies AtlantaThe digital cinema services at Event Productions Services take the magic of the movies to a higher level than ever before. When implemented properly, movie nights can be an excellent way to bring people together and create a sense of community. However, larger cinema gatherings require considerable organization, production, set-up, and execution in order to operate at their full capacity. Whether you are planning a film festival, a video presentation at a corporate event, or any other occasion where a movie screening is part of your plan, our experts will be there to make sure that everything runs smoothly and your event is truly one to remember.

Our digital cinema services allow our clients to host world-class video screenings at virtually any venue, regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors. We understand that everyone who hires us has a different idea for what the perfect event entails. This is why our professionals work side-by-side with our clients during every step of the event production process to make sure all of their needs and preferences are met at every turn.

By providing both digital cinema projection and LED Wall options, our clients can choose which state-of-the-art video projection system is best for their specific needs. Although both systems have their own unique advantages, only our digital cinema projection service allows for a full 8K viewing experience.

We offer a wide variety of screen size options including standard 16:9 ratio screens as big as 18′ x 32′, as well as customized super-wide-screen presentations. Our 329′ x 15′ halo screen can fully wrap around the audience in almost any room, providing a truly unprecedented visual experience. We have also created a custom 93′ x 20′ projection screen, which can be presented flat or on a curve to create an experience similar to IMAX.

We offer flexible digital cinema options that feature top-of-the-line audio and video production. When necessary, we are able to accommodate either large-scale venues or simultaneous screenings at multiple locations. We are able to provide digital cinema packages that include projectors and servers, movie screens, full audio systems, generators, and all related gear and wiring. We are also able to provide construction and logistics assistance for our clients who need it. Regardless of the size of the client or event, we specialize in crafting planned solutions for any movie screening to help deliver a remarkable and memorable experience.

If you’re planning any occasion featuring video projection, the experts here at Event Production Services have the experience, skills, and knowhow to bring your vision to reality. For more information or if you would like to discuss our digital cinema services, or any of the other production services that we provide, please contact Event Production Services today.